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Diversity Staffing 

Diversity Staffing is a staffing company in Flordia I worked with the owner and developed a website for her in WordPress. I made mockups and developed a full site for her company I still mantane. 

Hillary Hunter.png
Hillary Hunter – 1.png

Colors to reflex to moder look for site as well as bring out the logo design through out the site 

staffing 1 .jpg



Mock up 



The company focuses on recruitment services for people of disabilities and vets. In the Tampa Bay area, the owner wants to make a positive impact on people in her area who have a difficult time locating employment. The client wants a clean modern website that is to WCAG guidelines to attract companies to her site and provide a location to find new people to help.

Current Site Analysis:

Site is difficated to read.
Website needs updating to be ADA complaint and client would like it moved to WordPress. Photo of prior site is to the right
When using the site it seemed out of date and no effort had been made to provide ADA support for users.


Competitive Analysis



Recruiters in Florida don't focus on people of disablied or vetrians returning to work after service.


Social Services

Local social service actices don't provide any information online on how to get help with job placement locate orgizations don't provide services to

Changes in what employers want from employees

No More Focus On Traditional Requirements
Soft Skills are more important then ever before

Creativity * Persuasion * Collaboration * Adaptability * Emotional Intelligence

Suggestions to Diversity Staffing: offer some job coach to give guidance to improve these skills in candidates.

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