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Choyce Case Study

  • Choyces is a online tutoring website

  • They work with families to help to encourage person growth of the student

  • They work to make learning fun and exciting

  • They also provide aid navigating special needs programs.

  • They focus on tutoring services related to special needs children

a women looking at two computer screens


Mary May.png

I found trends with the parents I interviewed and developed this persona 

Site Map


Mock Ups 

Design Approach

1) Make Website feel fun

2) Use softer blue tones to give a at east feeling

3) Modernize the website.

4) Provide information so parents feel they can trust the tutor/services.

5) Give clear information


Fun color usage to hold the users attention 

Clear information for the user to find answers

Easy to understand what the comapny does 

A modern looking contact form 

Professional looking website, to help families feel safe going here for help with their child's education 

Current Site Analysis:


  •  The page had no eye catching images.

  •  The page in places had low color contrast ratio making it hard to read.

  •  The video didn’t have closed caption.

  •  There was very little information about the company itself and who and what they do.

  • The site looks out of date. I'm wondering if it is still a active company.

  •  Site poorly explains its goals or who works with the students and what the focus is of the company.

Competitive Analysis


I viewed four sites Tutors on Wheels, Intelligentsia, rc Kids Academy, Time4Learning

these sites were easy to follow, clean graphics,  good color use, who they are is well explained and what they do.

Empathy Interviews

During the discovery phase of this project I interviewed 10 parents to have a better understanding of what parents want from a tutoring company. 

Interview Questions:

1) How old are you kid(s)?


2) Why do you need a tutor?


3) What is important for you regarding a tutor?


4) What is your ideal tutor?


5) How does your child learn best?


6) How are your kids grades?

Themes and Patterns: 

Some Quotes from the Interviews



"Someone who is knowledgeable about adhd and autism , and funny/entertaining"

-Mother of 2 ages 13 and 17

"Their grades are average. I believe they can be above

average with the right tutor to help them grasp certain concepts of English and math."

- Father of 2 ages 5 and 10

"I would want a tutor who is good with young kids, able to keep them on task and motivated."

-Step Mother of 1 age 12

"He is best with hands-on, one-on-one learning."

-Mother of 1 a son austic 7 

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